Artificial UV Stabilized Native Meadows Select Range Vertical Garden 90cm x 90cm

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Native Meadows Green Walls 90cm x 90cm

Native Meadows in the best artificial green wall available here which is hand assembled and designed to ensure they it looks highly realistic, and meets the expectations of leading Designers, Architects, Landscapers and discerning individuals and couples.

Each panel has been designed to provide a wide range of botanically correct plants, with 11 kinds of foliage elegantly blended together to create a stunning artificial vertical garden that exceeds expectations.

In total each panel contains 80 different plants, and should you require, extra plants can be added in.

The custom green wall is made with a galvanized metal backing (silver finish) to ensure longevity of the artificial green wall in the harsh Australian climate.

Should you require a different hand made custom artificial green wall or vertical garden let us know, and we can quote accordingly, and should you be looking for design advice please ask before placing an order and one of our fabulous design team to work through all the options.

Approximately 6.5kg per 90cm x 90cm panel.

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